Mobile Apps Development

Zoomo Tech is one of the best mobile apps developer companies in Malaysia. Since we launched our app development service in 2017, we had delivered more than a dozen of mobile application projects. Just share with us about your business workflow, we will tailor made your mobile app based on your requirements.

"Budget Mobile App Package"

Concerning about cost? No worry!
Get your apps available in Google Play and App Store for just RM2,388 with Zoomo Tech.

Our Mobile App Expertise

GPS & Map Tracking


Track user real-time GPS location, shows pick-up point to drop-off-point route direction and display on Google Map. Suitable for Food Delivery App, Parcel Delivery App, Rider/Driver Tracking System.

Push Notification


Deliver messages to customers' mobile phone instantly with FREE. Suitable for company that required frequent engagement with customers or company with a large customer base.

Information Sharing


Share information retrieved from your company app such as Sales Target and Sales Performance Statistic to other apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Messenger. Suitable to share a small portion of data to staffs or customers easily.

Live Chatting


Secured private chat embedded in your company mobile app. Suitable for company that would like to keep discussion confidentially inside the company private server.

Voice Call / Video Call


Having in-app call without disclose mobile number or username to each other. Suitable for company that emphasize user privacy, for example a matchmaking company.

QR Code Generating / Scanning


Generate/scan QR Code related to your business within your company mobile app. Suitable for referral code scanning, reference number scanning, internal credit transfer etc.

Professional Web Design

Zoomo Tech offered web design services with affordable cost. Whether you are looking for a simple business website, or a large corporate homepage, or an eCommerce website, or an online web platform, our professional website designers will build your webpages just the way that fits your needs.

"Mobile Responsive & SEO Friendly Website"

We concern your website Google ranking.
We design your website with mobile responsive and SEO friendly standard to make your website rank higher in search engines WITHOUT pay for advert.

Our Web Design Expertise

Mobile Responsive


Automatically adjusts sizing, layout, and proportions to best fits on different devices. Your website will be properly display on laptop, mobile phone, or any kind of tablets.

SEO Friendly


Make search engines crawl each page on your website efficiently. Your website will rank higher in Google when user search with the right keyword.

FREE Domain & SSL


We are offering *FREE domain and SSL for all our web design customer. Protect your website with secure connection FREE of charge.

Online Marketing Services

Online Marketing is an activity of doing promoting, advertising and marketing on the internet. Online Marketing also known as Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, e-Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing etc. We are specialised in Facebook Marketing.

"Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy"

We care about your sales!
Effective Facebook Marketing starts from good Branding and clear Targeted Customer.
Get your *FREE Branding Guideline and Target Customer Analysis with our Facebook Marketing Plan.

Zoomo Tech Facebook Marketing Plan

Premium: **19,158 ppl.
Estimated reaching **19,158 customers with Zoomo Tech RM3,000 Premium Facebook Marketing Plan per month.
Advance: **8,154 ppl.
Estimated reaching **8,154 customers with Zoomo Tech RM1,500 Advance Facebook Marketing Plan per month.
Standard: **2,415 ppl.
Estimated reaching **2,415 customers with Zoomo Tech RM1,000 Standard Facebook Marketing Plan per month.
NP: 500 ppl.
Estimated reaching not more than **500 customers per month without running any Facebook Marketing Plan.

Our Portfolio

Over the years, Zoomo Tech has been actively involved in various R&D jobs, with the objective to deliver the latest technologies to all our customers. Functions such as GPS Map Tracking, Automated MLM Commission Calculation, Push Notification Blasting, Instant Mobile Top-up, Online Bill Payment, Private Text Messaging, Video Call, QR Code Scanning etc. were gradually embedded to our customers project. Below are some of our valued customers.


MLM System (Multi Level Marketing Software)

MLM System
(Multi Level Marketing Software)

Our MLM solution support Binary Genealogy, Unilevel Genealogy, e-Wallet, Commission Wallet, Shopping Wallet, Online Shopping Mall, various types of commissions including Direct Sponsor, Spending Overriding commission etc.

Delivery App (GSP Tracking App)

Delivery App

Supporting all important features of Delivery App such as capture photo of parcel, calculate delivery fee based on different agreements, up to 10 drop-off-points per order, shows optimized route on Google Map, real-time ETA, GPS Tracking on rider, sign-off code verification, credit card payment, FPX payment etc.

Membership App (Loyalty App)

Membership App (Loyalty App)

Zoomo Tech eLoyaltyApp ready with Digital Member Card (no more physical member card), Member Referral Link, CRM (manage your customer in a glance), Membership Tiering (Bronze, Silver, Platinum), Custom Reward, e-Voucher, Promotional Alert, Points Tracking, Purchases History etc.

Utility Bill Payment App

Mobile Top-up & Bill Payment App

Supporting instant mobile prepaid top-up for Malaysian operators including xPax, Digi, Hotlink, TuneTalk, U-Mobile etc. Also support prepaid top-up for Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Vietnam etc. Support bill payment for Celcom, Astro, Unifi, TNB, Aeon Credit etc. API integration is available.

Car Insurance Renewal App

Car Insurance Renewal App

The solution allowed customer renew car insurance from mobile phone. A list of quotations from different insurance companies will be generated soonest possible (or instantly) to the customer. Customer select the best fit quotation and make payment instantly. Cover Note will be email to customer from the system.

e-Commerce Website & App

e-Commerce Website & App

Supporting both e-commerce and mobile commerce. The solution ready with various category of products, advertisement sections, in-app announcement, email newsletter, membership points, member modules, product management, order management, sales report etc.

About Us

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Founded in Kuala Lumpur in July 2014 by 3 senior software developers, with a commitment to provide the best possible software solutions to different industries in the region, we now have grown to supply various types of key products as mentioned above.

Our Customer

Our Customer

We build system based on customer's business workflow to facilitate their daily operation. Our major targeted customers are the SME and Micro SME involved in various business sectors within Malaysia and South-East Asia.

Long Term Relationship

Long Term Relationship

Zoomo Tech emphasise after sale services. We providing system maintenance services to ensure the accuracy, scalability, secureness and smoothness of the delivered system. We appreciate long term relationship with all our customers.

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